Lower Secondary School

With its extensive experience in the area of education, Fryganiotis School expanded its services to meet the needs of the student community of Thessaloniki.

Given the dynamic course of the Nursery, Kindergarten and Primary School, already in their seventh decade,,it was inevitable that a state-of-the-art school at the Lower and Upper Secondary Level should be established to further contribute to education and maintain the school's strong presence in the field.

With the imperatives of amodern, technology-driven society, a love for children,devotion to the educational mission and an optimistic outlook for a better future in education as a guide,we continue the traditionthat we have established.

Firmly ensconced in the conscience of both children and parents, we are taking on a pioneering leadership role to introduce innovation and implement bold plans.

We are creating opportunities for the professional and social fulfilment of each child, with respect for each one's individual aptitudes.

The ideal educational environment and modern facilities of 3,500 m2 are augmented by 7,000 m2 of playing fields and outdoor spaces,a 500-seat theatre built to professional standards,, areas for special events, a 200-seat physics and biology auditorium,as well as indoor gymnasiums of 1,300 m2 for various sports..

The school's curriculum aims to prepare students to meet its modern requirements, with the ultimate goal of ensuring their entry into the higher education institutions of Greece.

The 18 classrooms with their innovative architectural design help the students and teachers achieve their educational goals.

As part of our endeavour to provide an integrated education, leveraging the valuable experience we have acquired over more than 60 years, we publish comprehensive materials and provide them free of charge to our students to help them to consolidate the various subjects.

The authors of these additional teaching aids are stringently selected teachers from our school who promote model instructional programmes and modern teaching methods.Their sole objective is to prepare our students both academically and psychologically so they can perform effectively when sitting the university entrance exams.

To this end, these outstanding teachers are in constant communication with parents, who are briefed in detail on their children's progress through regular meetings. We also keep parents abreast of student progress through daily written reports.

Music education takes place inspecial music rooms,fitted with state-of-the-art sound systems, to encourage students who may be musically inclined, while also seeking to make them more aware and to understand and enjoy music and sound.

The IT laboratories,are continually upgraded with educational and technical equipment so that students may receive the necessary knowledge of computers that will allow them to easily meet the demands of the age of technocracy.

This is achieved by providing practical experience and teaching operating skills through the use of,among other things, multimedia applications adapted to the curriculum of each academic level.

In the fully equipped natural science laboratories,which include a200-seat conference auditorium,students can venture outside the narrow constraints of textbooks to better understand concepts in physics, chemistry and biology through the experiments they conduct.

The well-equipped and up-to-date library provides a place for study and contemplation, and is an essential tool for preparing any type of project students may be assigned.

In the area of sports, the school infrastructure ensures the harmonious development of the students' mind and body.. The outdoor basketball and volleyball courts and football field, the state-of-the-art indoor gymnasium, the table tennis facilities and the multi-purpose rooms provide an essential outlet and more than meet the students' need for play and relaxation.

The 500-seat theatre built toprofessional standards, with the necessary audio-visual support, is where the school's theatre group conducts its activities, while it also hosts all of theschool celebrations,educational screenings and many events staged by various organisations.

Students learn the art of theatre on their own fully equipped stage as they take part in all aspects of putting on a performance (lighting, sound, scenery, costumes, casting, acting, stage design, directing and others) stimulating their imagination and fostering their physical and cognitive skills..

Here, the students discover the secrets of the 7th art,put on educational shows and shoot their own short films which they submit to a number of film competitions.

In this auditorium, the members of our school community also welcome authors, expert scientists, actors, story-tellers, musicians, artists and poets,to learn more, to be informed, to exchange views and acquire a broader understanding of the world, ideas and culture in general.

In response to the imperatives of a united Europe, Fryganiotis School also provides students with the opportunity to earn foreign language certificates in English, French or German..

Excursions both inside and outside Greece,organised educational visits to museums, art galleries and monuments, and viewing of films and theatre performances both supplement the school curriculum and ensure that students seamlessly develop into well-rounded individuals.

The students' character is shaped in Lower Secondary School ,through the most advanced and effective means of instruction. As such, the ideal conditions are created to foster the successful progress of our students as they go on to Upper Secondary School..