Foreign Languages


The teaching of English and French or German is a high priority at Fryganiotis School. Our aim is to ensure linguistic competence and the ability to communicate, and to introduce students from as early as Kindergarten and early Primary School to the respective foreign cultures. The students are prepared with books, cassettes, videos and other printed realia to take part in foreign language examinations,in order to acquire all of the certificates issued by the University of Cambridge, in cooperation with the British Council.

The English examinations for Young Learners reward the children's efforts to learn English and to ultimately get them used to learning a foreign language and sitting exams. These exams have been designed to provide a positive experience, both in learning and through less intensive but regular examination. They cover four linguistic competences - listening, speaking, reading and writing - with an emphasis on speaking and listening.

The Primary School also functions as an examination centre for the Young Learners English Test (Starters-Movers-Flyers)

Educational trips to summer colleges and universities in England are organised each summer to accelerate progress in foreign language learning, while bolstering creative expression and intellectual development, offering entertainment, a variety of sports activities, access to art, dance and computers, educational excursions and introducing the students to English culture.

These trips also offer the best educational experience to children of all ages in a non-competitive manner, allowing them to discover the world around them while enriching knowledge, boosting self-confidence and developing the abilities of each child. They learn to be independent, social and responsible individuals.

The educational excursions are designed to meet the special needs of each child with the respect and sensitivity they deserve as valuable and unique individuals.


The teaching of a second foreign language,(either French or German) in the older classes of Primary School provides students the opportunity to participate in activities that make learning fun and to practice their oral skills through play, without ignoring the educational goal of sitting examinations in French or German to acquire the respective language certificates.