Cultural Events – Educational Visits

Aiming at intellectual, social and cultural development,Fryganiotis School stages and takes part in selected events, musical performances, and visits to museums, art galleries and archaeological sites to broaden the students' education ,through group projects and experiential learning.
These activities make the most of the aptitudes and interests of students, and develop team work and cooperation.

and sensitised individuals, who actively take part in society and respect the Greek cultural heritage.

The Kindergarten and Primary School students learned about and endeavoured to offer their love, their smile and their assistance with a donation to the children at the Agios Stylianos Municipal Nursery who are in dire need of support from everyone.

The goals of a proper school are not just educational, but social as well.

All of the students at Fryganiotis School collected medical supplies, clothing and food to support the work being done by Doctors of the World in their own way.

Fryganiotis School supports the work of ActionAid.

ActionAid is an international development organisation that has worked with the citizens of the poorest nations in the world since 1972, helping to combat poverty and its deep-seated causes.

ActionAid envisions a world in which every person can live with dignity and enjoy fundamental human rights. That can only become reality through long-term support for those who live in the poorest countries of the world to ensure that there are permanent improvements to their quality of life. Our vision is to create a better world. We believe that such deprivation can be reduced through coordinated effort. Only by working together can we make a difference, offering hope for a better life to the poor and particularly children in developing countries.

Our students take part in the origami Japanese paper-folding educational programme, making water lilies to create a huge paper mosaic of 400 m2 depicting the White Tower in Thessaloniki with the hope that it will be included in the Guinness World Records.

With particular awareness, students actively participate with presentations and projects highlighting all of the worldwide observances.

Our mission is filled with challenges.We want to develop a school that is best suited to today's children and tomorrow's world.