The school has instituted a number of creative educational activities for the intellectual, artistic and educational development. Our goal is for the students to acquire as muchknowledgeas possible, to broaden their experiences and to learn about the world around them. Each year, the students in each separate class take part in preselected activities.

Visits take place after the students have first studied the topic of each activity in class.

The activities are divided into:

Educational with visits to the War Museum, Byzantine Museum, Archaeological Museum and Children's Museum, the ancient Agora, Vergina, Dion, the Planetarium, wineries, small and large industries, newspapers, radio stations and others.

Religious-Cultural with visits to churches and church services, parades and participation in theatre performances.

National and religious holidays (28th October, Christmas, Feast of Three Hierarchs, 25th March, Easter), which are observed in the auditorium of the Lower and Upper Secondary School. Worldwide observances are also noted with special printed materials.

Informative presentations and lectures by specialised scientists. A dentist-orthodontist regularly examines students and talks to them about oral hygiene and proper diet.

Humanitarian Every year, students are urged to help as far as they are able by collecting books, toys, food, money and medical supplies for their fellow human beings, children and charity organisations that need them (Children's Villages, ELEPAP Rehabilitation Centre, 'Storgi' for children with cancer, Smile of the Child, Elpida, orphanages, Doctors of the World, the Greek Red Cross, churches).

Environmental activities through which the students contribute to the recycling process throughout the school year by bringing aluminium cans, newspapers, paper and batteries from home and placing them in the respective bins. They visit facilities to observe how recycled paper is made (such as MEL S.A.), environmental parks, natural history museum, the Thessaloniki Water Supply Museum, wetlands, national parks, the Axios Delta, the Farm School, the zoo, the fish auction, special environmental information centres and others.

Entertainment activities through: attendance of musical theatre performances, concerts at the Concert hall, puppet shows, noteworthy theatre and cinema showings, children's book fairs, art exhibits, Carnival dances, and observance of traditions related to Christmas, Spring, Carnival and Easter, visits to the port, the airport, the railway station, as well as going on special outings.