Environmental Education – Green Week

The students learn aboutenvironmental issues and take part in various environmental activities. 

This innovative programme aims not only to make students aware of environmental issues and the need to, protect nature,, but also introduces them to thesecrets of nature and transforms them into messengers of environmental conscience and contribution.

The programme also seeks to provide knowledge and shape values; to help students develop skills, form attitudes and follow a code of environmentally friendly behaviour, to evaluate the complex relationship between humans and their biophysical environment to be able to propose solutions for environmental and social problems,and play an active role in formulating and implementing such solutions.

Students are transformed from passive recipients to participatory researchers and seekers of knowledge through active physical, collective and exploratory projects.

Their contact with nature and their environmental consciencecomes to life and is developed appropriately. Students at all levels take part in events with great enthusiasm.

They are informed about a number of topics through special events related to: the Earth, forests, water, batteries, natural resources, soil, recycling, tree-planting, endangered animals, protected natural wetlands and national parks, threatened birds and the Ramsar Convention protecting them, and many others. Their environmental education includes informative visits to wetlands and forests, the Museum of Natural History, the zoo, the paper recycling plant, the Axios Delta, the Petralona caves, the Farm School, the fish auction in Michaniona, the MEL paper plant, the Forest Research Institute and the Institute of Geology and Mineral Exploration.

'Green Week' is held every year on a different topic and features various environmental games, constructions, theatre performances, music and writing competitions, invention of new slogans, songs, educational films and sports in nature.

Green Week is a long-running tradition at our school. It is staged every year in the last week of the academic yearand involves activities that seek to inform and raise the awareness of our students on issues of ecology, the proper utilisation of nature and management of the environment.

At a time when humanity has conquered space, and science and technology is advancing by leaps and bounds, we are also discovering that our planet - our home - is being seriously compromised by human activity and needs help.