Sports activities – Clubs

At Fryganiotis School, a major part of the success of its educational undertaking is based on the excellent infrastructure, for physical education and sports that we offer our students.

Through such sports activities, students experience the value of sportsmanship. We give high priority to the area of physical activity, as a well-rounded individual can only develop if there is balance between mind and body.

For us, sports are a pathway that ensurespsychological and physical balance, team spirit, a sense of solidarity and good sportsmanship for our students.Besides, the best way for someone to learn to look after their health, body and spirit from a young age is to channel their energy into the sport that most suits them. Physical education is a subject that cultivates the whole person - mind, body and spirit.

In the core physical education class,students learn about the fundamental movements, techniques and rules of the most widely known sporting activities.

The continuous kinetic and somatometric assessmentof students provides directionfor making use of the particular aptitude of each child and for their all-round development through innovative types of exercise and new fitness activities.

The students learn a variety of sports skills and traditional dances.

Good physical condition and health will improve indirectly through the students' participation in sporting activities, and directly through specific exercises to improve posture.

We foster social and mental virtues, such as cooperation, solidarity, team spirit, self-discipline, responsibility, determination, patience, persistence, courage, the right attitude toward winning and losing, acquiring a fundamental knowledge of hygiene and first aid, a knowledge of the Olympic spirit and the rules and regulations of various sports and competitions.

An awareness of the benefits of and need for lifelong exercise and fitness is cultivated, along with the adoption of sporting habits.

Aside from the physical education class, we offer our students the opportunity to experience a large variety of sports under the supervision of specialist teacher-coaches, and new sports are added every year.

The students take part in activities as they learn the virtues and value of fair play.

The competitions held at the end of the year in the various sports give the children a chance to demonstrate their abilities and to assess the results of their efforts through good sportsmanship. Awards are presented to the top boy and girl athlete of the year.

The students also take part and earn distinctions in a number of championships at official competitions and participate in notable sporting events sponsored by the Ministry of Education and other athletic organisations.

The sports activity clubs ,that are active at the moment at our school and are available to students from the beginning of Primary School and throughout Secondary School include:

  • Basketball
  • Swimming
  • Synchronised swimming
  • Classical ballet
  • Mountain biking
  • Skiing
  • Traditional folk dancing
  • Track and field
  • Dance aerobics
  • Chess
  • Tennis