Primary School

Fryganiotis Primary School is housed in a modern building that blends harmoniously into the green landscape that surrounds it.

Carefully selected teachers promote the educational mission with model, innovative teaching programmes and and curricula aimed not only at transferring knowledge but at introducing students to the proper learning process as early as the First Year.

Using modern educational theories and teaching methods, that are most suited to younger students, we take them step by step through the process of learning to read, write and do maths. By providing quality education with the aim of cultivating well-rounded individuals with developed personal and social skills, we shape the citizens of the future.
Our goal is to encourage the creative participation of students in learning, as well as to offer multiple stimuli for exploration and knowledge, to foster their individual aptitudes and interests, and to make them aware of social, cultural and environmental issues so that they can be prepared for the challenges of tomorrow.

The purpose of Primary School is to encourage the all-round intellectual and physical development of each student.

They participate in a number of creative activities and investigate a particular topic from all sides in order to acquire a comprehensive understanding and develop their critical, analytical and synthesised thinking skills.  The educational innovations that are used make the lessons fun, creative and effective. Our school's special publications supply students with materials throughout the year to help them fully consolidate their subjects.

The ability to learn English and as well as a second foreign language (either French or German),lays the foundation for a better future and introduces the students to the culture and civilisation of the respective countries. We provide detailed updates to keep parents informed of their children's progress through daily written reports about their performance in class and through regular meetings between parents and teachers.

Starting with the younger classes, the children enjoy creating their own theatre through dramatic play.

Visual arts, music, theatre and film enhance school life. Selected films are screened for the children in our school's theatre.

After in-class preparation, we augment their museum education with guided visits to archaeological and cultural sites. Students learn to appreciate their Greek cultural heritage through selected programmes and group projects.

They acquire an understanding of poetry and literature by focusing on individual Greek and foreign writers.

The students study their work and often have the opportunity to discuss it with the writers in person. Through literature, we can embark on new relationships between education and creativity, linking education with learning and cultural acts.

This goal can be achieved through teaching reading in a way that brings together the cultivation of thinking with the pleasure of understanding a text and processing the written word.

From the start of their schooling, our children come into contact with information technology and computers through applications that are especially adapted to each age group.

A large part of the curriculum focuses on the principles of environmental education and the year-round activities culminate in the 'Green Week' events in June that have become a school institution.

Each year, the Primary School students take part in various conferences on IT, environmental education, Hellenic Mathematical Society competitions, the International Kangaroo Mathematics Contest, contests sponsored by the Hellenic Physical Society (EEF), the Lysias Internet-Based Panhellenic Student Competition, art and literature competitions, and others. κ.ά.

Special sports and cultural activity clubs add another enjoyable aspect to student life.

Through a variety of movement and sports activities, physical education is important for the physical development of our students and contributes to their mental and intellectual stimulation and their harmonious integration into society.

The sports events and the Farewell to Graduates celebration, major events with athletic and artistic elements, re the highlight of the year for our school.

Each year, Fryganiotis School holds summer programmes offering leisure, educational, group and sports activities at the school and other venues aimed at supporting the children's creative expression and intellectual development.