Information technology – Natural Sciences Laboratory

The Natural Sciences Laboratory aims to introduce young children to fundamental concepts to help them better understand the environment in which they live and to stimulate their inquisitiveness.

The activities help them identify cause and effect by taking part in experiments through which they discover all of the causalities.
Most of the children's activities focus on developing a love for the environment.

Environmental Education is not a list of 'musts', but is part of the daily curriculum, featuring numerous exhibitions and environmental events.

Through excursions, trips and organised visits, the children experience the world around them first-hand. As young journalists through their regularly published newspaper, The News from the Microcosm of our Kindergarten, they describe their impressions of school life.

Well-aware of the child's future needs, we incorporate into our curriculum, in the form of play, the teaching of Information Technology, under the guidance of specialised instructors.

The young students' interaction with computers at appropriate times helps them become familiar with the use of the mouse through educational applications based on sound, movement and images.

Interactive Whiteboards increase the interest and enthusiasm of the students.

Finally, through all these processes, combined with our care and love, we achieve, in the best possible manner, the purpose of our Kindergarten, which is to ensure the well-rounded and balanced development of the young child, with the ultimate goal of preparing them for Primary School.