Sports – Rhythmic Education

Through sport activities, the child experientially becomes aware of the cognitive shape of his or her body,cultivates and controls its movements, understands the concepts of space, time and rhythm and achieves harmony between his or her psychological and physical development.

The activities it includes are:

Physical Education in Kindergarteninvolves the development of multiple motor skills..

With team, individual or traditional games, free or organised play in exterior and interior spaces, children get to experience the importance of participation, understand their capabilities and limits, socialise, observe and respect rules, be accountable.

Rhythmic Education andGross Motor Games cultivate the correct and harmonious physical and mental development of children.

It helps them control their body, cultivate their mobility, understand the concepts of space, time and rhythm, and achieve balance between their psychological and physical development.

They also develop their team spirit, cooperate with each other and fill their souls with courage and self-confidence.

All the children of our Kindergarten play and learn about water in the closed heated swimming pool of our school, under the supervision of our specialised coaches.

Their contact with the water in the swimming lessons calms and relaxes them.