School Celebrations

Celebrations hold an important role in the life of the Kindergarten, aiming at the well-rounded and balanced development as well as the entertainment of our children.

They learn to participate, work responsibly as equals with their class group, and take part in the organisation and the experiences of the festive period while using a variety of motor and cognitive skills. The various events and activities help the children form a positive view for the theatre, dance, painting and generally all forms of art.

Through theschool celebrations, they draw important experiences from our rich historical, religious and social life.

The celebrations of course also aim to entertain the children.

The Christmas pageants,the national and religious holidays, the revival of customs and gymnastic shows, at the end of the year, provide a great opportunity for the children to exhibit the skills they have acquired.

The celebrations give the opportunity to the children to be introduced to our country's traditions and customs, in order to become conscious successors of our national heritage, responsible citizens with love for our country, and to develop their religiousness.

They present plays, dance and songs, arts and sport events,in which all the children of the kindergarten participate.

The Trojan War, about the abduction of beautiful Helene by Paris, and the campaign organised by Greeks against Troy.

The wanderings of Ulysses during his dangerous journey back to Ithaca.

He faced the terrifying Cyclops Polyphemos, the sorceress Circe, the Sirens, his captivity by Calypso, the revenge of Poseidon. He was enchanted by the beauty of princess Nausicaa, but was finally won over by the love for his homeland, Ithaca.

The revivals of the Olympic Games were organised with great success for yet another year in our School court, by the youngsters of our Kindergarten. The children learn our history by playing.