Nursery School

According to current scientific evidence, the pre-school age is a critically important period for a child's full development.

The smooth integration of the child into the group, so that they can function as a responsible, equal and cooperative member, their socialisation, their adjustment to Kindergarten and their proper preparation to accept the world of learning constitute our primary goals. At the pre-kindergarten and kindergarten stage, the foundations are laid for the intellectual development and emotional stability of the individual.

This is why the Nursery School and Kindergarten at Fryganiotis School function as autonomous educational units in an ultra-modern independent building, with spaces that are specially designed to meet the needs of young children.

The sun-filled classrooms, along with the gymnasium, swimming pooltheatre and grassy playground comprise the ideal setting for children to express themselves and be creative.

Through this particular layout, the children are motivated to understand order and the rules that govern the world around them.
The daily programme includes a variety of activities incorporated into a core annual curriculum.
The development of activities is based on an interdisciplinary approach incorporating projects (Project Method) and experiential, communicative teaching.

The activities include dramatic play, introductory music, eurhythmics, arts, preparation for reading and writing,fundamental mathematical concepts and physics through experiments, special computer applications and English.

We focus on the way children learnand on the processes that stimulate their desire to learn.

Our Kindergarten teachers and their assistants work together to provide care and safetyfor our children.

They are in constant communication with parents,who are informed in detail about the weekly class programme and are briefed on their children's progress through regular meetings.