Fryganiotis School has been a powerful presence for more than 60 years, making a contribution to education with youthful freshness, extensive experience and a mature approach.Founders Petros Fryganiotis and his wife, Harikleia,both enthusiastic and concerned teachers, turned their dream for better quality in education into reality.

They set up the first school named 'Megas Alexandros' (Alexander the Great) in 1953 in Valsami, Neapoli, in Thessaloniki."

But they did not stop there.Five years later, in 1958 ,they moved the school to a larger facility. Thekindergarten,called 'Melissopoula'(Bumble Bees),and six comprehensive primary schoolgrades now comprised Fryganiotis School(Roumanika, Neapoli).

Striving to keep the vision of a modern school alive, in 1968 they moved forward with a design for a model school facility. Three years later,in 1971 Fryganiotis School was ready to open its doors to primary school pupils in a healthy environment of 4,000 m2 in green.Retziki Their love for children,constancy in teaching and optimism for a better future in education values that had guided them their entire lives - were bequeathed to their son, Athanasios , and his wife,Efimia, both of whom were also teachers.

The two of them continued on the same course established by the founders, and in 1996 they moved theKindergarten ,as an autonomous educational facility, to a state-of-the-art independent building next to the Primary School.

Their desire to contribute did not stop there and the next big step was taken in September 2001. The Fryganiotis Lower (Gymnasio) and Upper (Lykeio) Secondary School, housed in an architecturally modern building and staffed by carefully selected and experienced educators, operates according to the most advanced and innovative curricula.

Finally, aiming to provide the best educational experiencethat could respond to the interests of pre-school-aged children, an integrated, comprehensive and specialised programme was developed and the Nursery school was moved to an independent state-of-the-art building next to the Kindergarten in September 2007. With a mission filled with challenges, the primary concern is to make it suitable for today's children and tomorrow's world.

The interview with the Historical Businesses of Thessaloniki Yearbook.

It features aditional businesseswithstood the test of time. These professionals dedicated their entire lives with passion and innovation, and are Thessaloniki's modern-day Alexander the Greats.

It is not merely a record, but an essential handbook for every new entrepreneur, as it contains the soul, the experiences and the struggles of the founders and successors of Thessaloniki's historic businesses over the decades and even centuries


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