It is difficult for us to describe in just a few words our multifaceted effort to cultivate our children intellectually, educationally and morally. Our goals are dictated by love, human character and scientific grounding.

Free thought, critical ability,creative spirit and respect for the environment and humanity are the concepts guiding the everyday operation of our school. We offer our students a high quality education, adapted to the needs of each individual child.

We seek to identify and highlight the unique abilities of each student in every way possible.For us, the child is not an observer, but an active participant in the educational process. We prepare thinking citizens who with their knowledge and their ethos will be prepared to meet the challenges of the times.

The friendly and warm environmentof our school is a constant and important factor as we implement our goals.With great affection and interest we take into account the concerns and curious nature of young people and arm them with strength and optimism for life.

We believe every educational asset can bloom through healthy and happy relationships: relationships of trust that can only be cultivated in the family atmosphere we provide and help flourish under our personal care.

We turn our years-long experience into valuable resources to realise our vision with consistency and responsibility.

'For us, this is a challenge, and for you, an invitation'