Upper Secondary School

Application Development in Programming Interface (3rd Year - Technology).

Students develop the critical ability to understand and resolve problems, either with the use of Algorithms in pseudocode form, or the use of Programming Languages. They are taught Algorithm Design techniques, tables (Single-dimension, Multiple dimension), subprograms (modular programming, processes and functions).

Our School participated again this year in the MICROSOFT OFFICE SPECIALISTcompetition.The final competition for Greece took place inAthens.Our School's student in the 1st year of Upper Secondary School, P. Giannopoulos, won 1st place (with a grade of 969 - higher in all categories) and represented Greecein the European Finals (for Europe, Africa and Asia)in Madrid, Spain, on 18/6/2010.Our student again won 1st place in the European Finals, and represented Europe in the World Finals in Utah, USA, winning 2nd place in the MICROSOFT OFFICE SPECIALIST WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP 2010.

Our School took part in the Microsoft Office Specialist Competition for Students on Word-Excel, organised every year at Infolab, Thessaloniki.Our students competed online, nationally with other high school and university students on tests on the competent use of office software. The students that succeeded proceeded to the finals of Athens. Those that won first places took part in theπMOS World Championship in Canada.

In the National Competition organised by Infotest, the exclusive distributor of the Microsoft Hellas certification, on 17/05/2008 on spreadsheets (Microsoft Excel) and word processing (Microsoft Word), student P. Giannopoulos(2nd year of Lower Secondary Education) won 7th place nationally, G. Maranos (3rd year of Lower Secondary Education) was 21st, and S. Chrysanthopoulos (2nd year of Lower Secondary Education) was 11th. M. Tsiomblika, M. Tartasis, Ch. Gazis, V. Vergos also ranked high.

On 30/05/2009, student G. Giannopoulos (3rd year of Lower Secondary Education), won 2nd place nationally in the Microsoft Hellas competition in Athens. G. Kavvadia(2nd year of Lower Secondary Education) and S. Chrysanthopoulos (3rd year of Lower Secondary Education) also ranked high in the competition.