Corporate Social Responsibility

At Fryganiotis School, we believe that a true society of citizens can only be achieved through awareness,love,human character and scientific integrity with regardto environmental and social issues mainly through a deeply felt contribution ,andlove and respect for humanity. Our mission and goal is that each of our students, ,from when they first enter our school until they graduate and through the highest quality of education we provide, will learn to think freely and critically,develop a creative spirit and acquire allthe necessary attributes that will lead them to be thoughtful citizens with knowledge and ethos to learn about andrespect the environment as much as possible to learn life lessons through charitable actions and visits to hospitals, institutions and places where there is loneliness and need; to listen to the concerns and ambitions of young people with caring and interest, empowering them with optimism for life, and learning to generously share their love as they endeavour to create a better, more humane society.

We Act, We Participate, We Take Interest...we listen to the needs of our neighbours no matter how far away they are. We stand with respect for our fellow human beings.We support human dignity.We help provide equal opportunities. We respect We respect the environment we have inherited. We improve the standard of living and quality of life. We make new friends. We sponsor children through ActionAid. We support UNICEF's Schools as Defenders of Children programme. We support the Fryganiotis School blood bank through the 'Participate, Give Blood, Safe Lives' initiative. We provide assistance to the Centre for Education and Rehabilitation of the Blind. We support the Orthodox mission abroad (digging wells to provide the valuable gift of water),and we also lend a hand to the 'Storgi' association for friends of children with cancer ((providing books and setting up the association's library).Other organisations we support include 'Georgios Papanikolaou' Hospital, the Paediatric and Paediatric Surgery departments at Papageorgiou Hospital, the Papafeio Institute, the Melissa orphanage for girls((with food, clothing, etc.)and and Doctors of the World (with medicines,etc.).)

Every assistance we can offer is invaluable for the children who need and depend on us!

We Act, We Participate, We Take Interest

Every assistance we can offer is invaluable for the children who need and depend on us!

Because 'there is no greater joy, than the joy we can provide'