Lower Secondary School

With the demands of the modern age in the area of Information & Communication Technology and Education, Fryganiotis School has set up fully equipped IT labs.

Our aim is not the exhausting and pointless occupation of children through computers. We rely on educational programmes that seek to develop an appropriate relationship of children with computers and to help them understand and use modern technologies.

In the 1st year of Secondary School,we teach the history and evolution of computers, the parts of a PC (peripheral devices and system unit devices), the concept of software (Operating Systems and Application Software), word processing, internet services.

In the 2nd year of Secondary School ,students are taught coding (binary and decimal number systems), spreadsheet processing (tables, graphs, functions), the world wide web.

In the 3rd year of Secondary School students are introduced to the concept of algorithms and programming.


A high level of education and certification services are a one-way street. Our School, always pioneering and keeping up with the latest developments, cooperates with Microsoft on issues of education. θέματα εκπαίδευσης.

FRYGANIOTIS SCHOOL, as a recognised Microsoft, academy, provides the opportunity to students to achieve an even more advanced computer literacy, in order to meet the increasing requirements of educational institutes and the marketplace.

The Microsoft® Office Specialist (MΟS) certification is the first global standard of productivity and knowledge of the Microsoft® Office 2003, 2007 & 2010 applications. It is an important asset for professional advancement and career, in all professional areas without exception, since the use of a computer is necessary everywhere.

The Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) certificate can be obtained by successfully participating in examinations on one or more of the following applications:

  • Microsoft® Word
  • Microsoft® Excel
  • Microsoft® Outlook
  • Microsoft® PowerPoint
  • Microsoft® Access

The certificate for Greek versions has a recognised updating process for the Greek State.

Being a Microsoft Academy, any students who so wish may get the Microsoft Office Specailist certificate at the end of each year for the Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Powerpoint modules.

Our students also take part in the MOS World Championship.