The teaching of English and French or German is a high priority at Fryganiotis School. . Our aim is to ensure linguistic competence and the ability to communicate, and to familiarise students from as early as Kindergarten and early Primary School with the respective foreign cultures. The proper preparation of our students includes books, CDs, videos, realia and interactive boards so that learning can take place using a communicative approach in an enjoyable setting. The goal is that each level of achievement be validated through participation in foreign language examinations,so that students can earn all of the certificates issued by the University of Cambridge, in cooperation with the British Council.

The English examinations for young learners reward the children's efforts to learn English  and ultimately get them accustomed to learning a foreign language and sitting exams. These exams have been designed to provide a positive experience, both in learning and with less intensive but regular examination. They cover four linguistic competences - listening, speaking, reading and writing - with an emphasis on speaking and listening.

Our school also functions as an accredited British Council examination centre for the Young Learners English Test (Starters-Movers-Flyers) for Primary School students.

The key to successful teaching of foreign languages is the sorting of students into classes based on their level of knowledge.

The Primary,Lower and Upper schools in cooperation with the British Council and the Cambridge University ESOL examinations, conduct written examinations in English every year at these levels KET (Key English Test), which is the first level of elementary knowledge and PET (Preliminary English Test), which is more advanced and precedes the First Certificate in English F.C.E (Lower), Certificate in Advanced English C.A.E and the Certificate of Proficiency in English C.P.E.

The exams at each level assess the students' ability to produce written work, to understand written text and spoken language, to complete exercises in grammar and to produce spoken language. Our school takes part in the examinations held by the British Council so that the students can acquire these widely recognised English language certificates.

Educational trips to summer colleges and universities in England are organised each summer to accelerate progress in foreign language learning, while bolstering creative expression and intellectual development, providing an opportunity to learn more about English culture, offering entertainment, a variety of sports activities, access to art, dance and computers, educational excursions and a chance to meet students of other nationalities. This creates a basis for the exchange of ideas and strengthens knowledge, ensures success and builds self-confidence in a safe environment. The students learn to be independent social and responsible individuals. The educational excursions are designed to meet the special needs of each child with the respect and sensitivity they deserve.